Burn with Mobility Camp – Assisting the Mobility Challenged and others at Burning Man!

Was a really great 2016 Burn! Thanks to All!

We had a great crew, everybody works well in the wind and dust (which know can be part of desert living – and also proves what a dedicated and awesome camp we are, thanks to all on board.  Services flowed, we helped a lot of people and look forward to reporting to everyone how we did.  Of course, we are now catching up to the default world, and we are so grateful that our camp gets better each year!

Mobility Camp, located in Center Camp at 7.30…….provides wheelchair friendly art and playatours for the mobility challenged, the walking wounded, and the able bodied – ‘worst come first served’ – in that order – see our wonderful Dragonfly Rig below.  We also provide a charging station for medical equipment, as well as educational support for the mobility challenged both on and off the Playa, and we provide somewhat rustic wheelchair friendly camping facilities!

Tours of the Art and the Playa leave Mobility Camp 4x daily, except for the Major Burns…..we run 3x those epic days and evenings, as our sunset tour combines with our night tour.

Tours Run at:  5:45 am    9 am  6 pm    9 pm    Come by Mobility Camp as soon as you hit the Playa to sign up for a tour!  Tours last about 1.5 – 2 hours – and run no specific route as we have several different drivers.

When coming to visit us, remember that Center Camp has it’s own clock face.

Looking so forward to seeing you in the dust in 2017! Stay tuned here for more!
 This is our Dragonfly Rig as Virgin:
Our Dragonfly

If you are Alternatively Abled or looking to Volunteer. please  read on – and learn more about our camp, the services we offer, and how you might join us!  Our camp for 2015 is now full – though we still have volunteer opportunities  and services for both the mobility impaired and the able bodied.

Mobility Camp also provides educational support to the Alternatively Abled, as well as their supportive friends and family via our website and email prior to the Burn, where we try to answer any questions you might have.  We also offer two Obstacle Courses !  Ever wondered what it would be like to do the Burn in a wheelchair? on crutches? Come by and find out!  We have a lot of experience to offer to those who wonder if it is even possible to go to Burning Man, click here with your questions – Contact us.

We offer a Wednesday workshop helping you  make your own camp or art car accessible in the spirit of radical inclusion! …..and of course we will also have our rad Gifting Box, so come by and drop something off, or take something with you, the Book Crossing Zone, which offers books of all sorts, as well as our Temporary Tattoo station….

We are developing our Resources Page, so please email us  with any tips or tricks you might have, or know of, which would help or interest the mobility challenged on or off the Playa.

We continue to work on building a strong camp team for Future Burns, if you are interested, please contact us!  We had a small but full 2016 camp, of about 40 people, but continue to look for burners both mobility challenged and able bodied who can add to our experience and the experience we offer to others. We are continuing to revision the camp under new leadership as of the 2013 Burn…….we are proud to be able to continue over 15 years of support and services by Mobility Camp to the mobility challenged, in the name of radical inclusion!

 We are always looking for your help and support.  We welcome volunteers and other resources – should you be in a position to help, please visit our wishlist page. Thank you!

 Feel free to contact us with any suggestions.  We are always looking to do it better, and better and really great.  Really Great ! 

 Anyone that you know who is Mobility Challenged can have a great time on the Playa!  Pass our contact information on, and/or email us for more – and though it  may take until after 2015 Burn until we can respond, you know how to find us on the Playa!

Email Rat Lady and Brittt :  brcaccessibility(at)gmail.com