Wish List

Here is where we ask for the things we need most!

Gasoline powered golf cart (or the use of one during the Burn)
We can always use more golf carts, but really only have the ability to store and transport one more at the present time. (Hand Controls are a big plus!) 4-6 passenger also a plus!

Storage space, indoors, for our camp equipment as close to Gerlach as possible. Currently our gear is almost 600 miles away and outdoors in a brutal climate.

A small camper or mobile home to travel to regional burns for educational seminars. A combo of that and a small trailer it could tow would be ideal!  Again, Hand Controls and/or a wheelchair lift would be ideal.

Mobility equipment we can loan out (or give away) during the burn. Wheelchairs (with footrests, large front wheels 5 in or more), crutches (with tips, pads and screws) we especially need sise for 5 ft 4 in and under), leg braces, all are welcome.

A wheelchair accessible shower rig.

LED Strips and the knowledge and skills to attach them to our Art Tour Rig to make it more visible, more mutated, more easily identified as a Mobility assist vehicle.

Donations are always welcome:)



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